Tour in Bali With The Vintage Car

Marvia is a vintage car that is still existed and preserved in Bali. The lack of the number of Marvia car made VW Safari as the other option if the Marvia was already ordered by the others. VW safari is included as a vintage car and it has numerous numbers so many tourists can use this car. Both of those cars are the vintage cars, but the engine, equipments and variations are well maintained. Furthermore, these cars can explore some extreme climbs and hill that are located on some places in Bali such as Kintamani and Bedugul. Meanwhile, for the tourists who have an explorer soul, riding the Land Rover to across some roads that are rarely crossed by the tour vehicles is the best option.

The Other Cars To Support The Ancient Bali Tour

Besides those cars above, there are some other family cars that are available to support the Ancient Bali Tour such as Avanza, Xenia and APV, Mini Bus (Isuzu Elf) and Bus. However, these are not the vintage vehicles and each of them have the different capacity.